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Bloons Tower Defense 4, 5, and the Future

The Bloons series created by Ninja Kiwi Games is one of the most popular flash games.  Players around the world are obsessed, and for good reason.  From the very first Bloons game, the series has come a long way and we hope they won’t stop.  Here is some info on the recent Bloons Tower Defense series and some input on Bloons future.

BloonsTower Defense 4

Park Path Easy Guide 1 Tower Placement

In this game, you play a monkey trying to save theworld from the Bloon-pocalyspe. Before starting the game you must select from a series of track options ranging from beginning to expert.  On the same page, you will see tabs from premium tracks and premium upgrades, which can be purchased by the cash you earn playing the game.  You then have to select a game mode which ranges from easy to hard.  With each mode you have a variance of prices, number of lives, and rounds you to need to pass.  To play, you must take the monkey, which can be found on the side bar to your right and play it in a position on the track where it will be able to shit most, if not all of the balloons.  Once you found your ideal position, you hit the space bar so your monkey can start shooting the balloons.  You monkey will take care of the twisting and turning to hit the balloons as they travel along the track.  Every couple of rounds or so you will earn some bonus upgrades that will assist you in shooting the balloons, like weapons or extra monkeys.  Every time you hit a balloon, you earn a certain amount of money.

Overall the game is highly entertaining and a great way to pass the time.  It doesn’t take you too long to figure out the controls and your strategy for winning each round.  You can play Bloons Tower Defense 4 on or the Ninja Kiwi Games site.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is highly similar to its predecessor as far as track and level options and game play.  To distinguish BTD 5 they have added some new fun features.  First difference I noticed was the graphics. They are more colorful, bright and vibrant than the version that was released in 2009.  This version was released in 2015 and I was ecstatic. I love that you get the basics of what you love about the game, while still being able to enjoy some new great features.  The developers of the game have given players the opportunity to create their own mazes that players may enjoy.  Overall I think Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a great update graphic and game play wise.


Bloons Tower Defense 6

Like any Bloons Tower Defense fan, we are already craving for the next update.  It took a while for Bloons Tower Defense 5 to come out of the woodwork, so we can also expect the same for Bloons Tower Defense 6, if there is one.   However, rumor has it that there may not be a Bloons Tower Defense 6. Developers will just continue to update version 5 to keep current and new players coming back for more.  So hopefully the updates we receive from Bloons Tower Defense 5 will satisfy our craving for more.

I would like to see a Bloons Tower Defense 6 just to see what else they could do to make the new version worthy of creation.  Would they bring change to the format? Make it more challenging?  Give the game more of a story line?  Who knows, we will just have to wait and see.

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