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Flash Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

If you feel some boredom creeping in these days, you simply take your smart phone or dash to your personal computer and play some games that will kill the boredom. However, worry not in case you do not have a smart phone or a personal computer. You can as well pop into a cyber café that has fast internet connection and play any of your favorite games as you relax and kill your boredom. The internet is awash with small flash games that can keep you on your toes any time of the day as long as you are available. The games can run on any device that has a fast browser and a decent internet connection. There is rule cast in stone that every game played requires high end graphics or a very robust CPU to work. Just get a browser that supports flash, and you will be in the game like anyone else. Have fun!


This is a sensational flash game that has more than 300,000 players who are enjoying it. It is so popular having been online for some very short time. It is a simple but a very additive game. You control a cell that can be moved by the mouse that you are holding. Move around feeding on other cells in order to increase in size. However, beware of any cell that has a larger body size than yours. Once such a cell comes into contact with yours, you will be eaten and that will be the end of the game. The game is also made in such ways that that you can sign in with your face book accounts and have your friends play with you.



In case you do not enjoy feasting on other cells in a game and increasing in size, then maybe you could try to play Canabalt. This is a game that is played to ensure that Temple Run and Subway are ashamed. The endless running genre is defined in a new way in this game. This game has not flashy colors. You can imagine that it is a black and white colored game with the sole objective of running.

You have to jump over obstacles, run across rooftops since all things are crumbling down. Once you miss a single step as you run through these challenging areas, the game ends. You can play with your friend as well since it has a two player mode. This game can also be found on Steam, iOS, and Android.



The old school Nokia Phones saw the advent of the snake game. The phones came with game having been installed prior to shipping. It is great time killer for many gamers who play casually. It is pretty straightforward. You as the player are the snake. Your mission is to feed on small dots, and as you feed on them you increase in size. It has three modes namely Slug, Worm, and Python. The slowest mode is Slug, and it is for newcomers. Average gamers play on Worm mode while the gurus play on Python mode.

Games have always been a part of my life. I remember by first console being the Super Nintendo. I play Super Mario All Stars, Animaniacs, Aladdin, and many others. You named it I had it. From that first console, I fell in love with the world of gaming.
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