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Most Addictive Flash Games Ever Made

Some people consider online flash games as opportunities to pass time and fill the time that lies between afternoon and time for going home. Other individuals simply stay glued to the screen of their phone or computer as they attempt to beat the best last score that they had in this particular game. The games analyzed here should keep you entertained all day regardless of your age or profession. If you’re a games person, these will definitely keep you busy as you relax your mind away from a busy schedule through the week or through the day.

  • Bejeweled

The original name of this game was Diamond Mine. It is classic game that gives you the challenge of moving multicolored gems as you attempt to create sets of three or more depending on your prowess. It is a simple game, but very addictive.


  • Bow Man

This game gives you the challenge to shoot your enemy through calculating the best angle to launch your arrow depending on the position of your enemy. You need to be very keen and to concentrate since you will miss lots of arrows and be shot if you lose your concentration through the game. Let your mind be here and you will definitely enjoy as you keep shooting down your enemies as they come in various angles. The challenge is yours to set your arrow in the angle of your enemy. Let’s go!

  • NeopetsHasee Bounce

You might have played Chimgam and dodged the dung! That was fun, and NeopetsHasee Bounce presents a new level of fun. This game allows you to take charge over some very pretty creatures as they bounce in the air to try and get some doughnuts. You salivate as you play since the doughnuts seem very sweet. It is very addictive.

  • Line Rider

You have not really lived if you have not tried this game out. It is incredible. It looks simple in the initial stages, but it soon moves to some levels where you have to be a real player to win. Those levels are only for the brave and daring as well as those who have been on this game for some period of time.


  • The Last Stand

Fans of Resident Evil have another crazy game here that will blow your minds away. This game satisfies your needs of zombie killing during the daytime. You get more weapons once you get to a new level and the enemies as well get to be finer and bigger. However, once you beat every level no single zombie will withstand your fiery darts.

  • The Helicopter Game

This games looks like it was developed for the popular Commodore 64. Mouse tapping goes to a whole new level with this game. It is a mind intriguing game. You cannot fail to have fun with it. You have to ensure that your helicopter does not touch any edge. You do this through using left click to ascend and releasing to let the helicopter fall. Getting a high score in this game is not as easy as it sounds.

Games have always been a part of my life. I remember by first console being the Super Nintendo. I play Super Mario All Stars, Animaniacs, Aladdin, and many others. You named it I had it. From that first console, I fell in love with the world of gaming.
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