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Steps To Making Flash Games

Web browser games are hosted on flash: a popular format that enables game lovers to play any kind of game. However, since the field of mobile app is growing fast, the flash format is slowly becoming underutilized. In spite of this fact, quality games are still being developed through the use of flash format. The language that flash format uses is called Action Script, and it is easy to learn. Action Script makes it easy for anyone to control objects on the screen regardless of the speed that they are moving with. Making flash games entails some steps, some of which are discussed below:

  • Design your game

Ensure that you have a rough idea of what you want your game to be able to do before you embark on coding. Flash suits best for simpler games. Therefore, ensure that you develop a game that has a small number of mechanics that worries the player. Before you start prototyping, scratch your mind to ensure that you have a basic genre of your game and some game mechanics. The common flash games that you can start on include:


  1. Endless runners – The character is automatically moved by the program, and the responsibility of the player is to evade obstacles. One or two controls are left to the player for ease of managing the game
  2. Brawlers – The player is tasked with defeating the enemies in these side scrolling games. Several moves are available for the player to defeat the enemy.
  3. Puzzles – The player is asked to solve some given puzzles in order to proceed to the next level.
  • Learn what flash excels at

Flash excels best at 2D games. In as much as it is possible to create 3D games in flash, they call for extensive knowledge of the language. A quick review of the successful flash games reveals that most of them have been 2D games.

The games require taking short sessions of less than 15 minutes. Flash game players have limited time, and hence the need to avoid lengthy games.

  • Be familiar with Action Script (AS3) language

You should have basic understanding of Action Script language since most of the flash games are coded through the use of Action Script. Ensure that you have the basics of how the language works so that you can develop a flash game based on knowledge.

Action Script books are available for you to read. Explore them.


  • Download Flash Professional

This program is not free. It will cost you some money but it is the best method of developing flash programs in a quick way. Other options are available such as open source options though they are sometimes incompatible, and they take long to accomplish some tasks. You will only require Flash Professional to create flash games.

  • Understand the basics of building blocks of AS3 code

You will be using various code structures as you develop basic games. You will require knowledge on variables, event handlers, and functions.

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