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Top 4 Zombie Flash Games

If you looking for something to help prepare you for the zombie apocalypse, here are the top four zombie flash games.

Zombie Splatter

In zombie splatter, you are a regular guy named Bob.  You notice Zombies are trespassing on your law, and you grab your gun, ready to defend yourself.  You navigate you avatar using your directional keys, and you direct and fire your ammunition by moving and clicking your mouse.  Like any other game, as you continue to pass levels, the difficulty levels increases.

The games is fun addicting to play.  You will have to get the hang of moving your avatar around while aiming and shooting your gun.  Depend on your coordination level and your ability to multitask, it may take you a couple of rounds to pass the first level. You can find Zombie Splatter on


Zombie Trailer Park

Zombie Trailer Park is a simple, but fun game.  Zombies have taken over the city, and they are heading to your trailer park.  Your job is to protect your base while destroying zombies and their base.   Your main source of weapon is cash.  The more cash you earn, the more units, buildings, and “power” tools at your disposable.  The game is generous enough to start you off with cash, so now you have to spend it wisely among your defenses.   If you spend your money unwisely, then the zombies have a greater chance in taking over your city.  This a one round game, and your goal is to last as long as possible.  The longer you play, the more dangerous the zombies get.  Just to give you a little helpful tip:  save your “power” ups and more expensive avatars for bigger and more dangerous zombies.

When playing for the first time, it was pretty easy to figure how to play the game, and what strategies work best.

Dead End St.

In this zombie survival game, your name is Brett, and your mission is to get your family to the nearest safe zone Highland Park.  Your weapons of defense are a gun, bomb, and gun.  The best way to kill a zombie is to shoot them in the head.  The mega zombies are harder to kill, because they wear helmets.  This is a point and click shoot game, so aiming and shooting is fairly easy. Your gun automatically reloads when you run out of bullets, or you can press the letter R.  You can switch weapons at any time.  Zombies are the most dangerous in groups.  As you move along the map and get closer to Highland Park, you will encounter bigger herds of zombies.


Tequila Zombies Series

In the Tequila Zombies series you are a part of a team of zombie hunters.  Your meet Miguel in the first part of the series, Jacqueline is added on in the second part, and you gain another new ally Jeff in the third part of the series.  You are fighting zombies in the southwest, and they are coming in large herds.  You can kill the zombies either with a gun or a machete.  As you kill zombies, bullets, health aids, and tequila are dropped.  The tequila helps you release a super power that will help you kill a large number of zombies at one.  You can search for extra supplies barrels and hidden places if you need supplies quick.  Overall the game give you a rush to kill as many zombies as possible, and you have to think and move as quickly as possible.  This is a point and shoot game, which makes it easy to shoot zombies, but the game is by no means easy to beat.

You can find these fun zombie games on,, and

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