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Top 6 Detective Flash Games

Like being a mysterious detective and solving cases?  Here are the top 6 detective flash games that can be found on the net.

Covert Front

In Covert Front you are a special intelligence agent code named Kara.  You are investigating the disappearance of 96 participants of a conference in Berlin. These participants are chemists, physicists, mechanics, engineers, linguistics specialists, and a philosopher from Heilderberg University.  After failed search attempts, losing contact with field agents, and the Germans deploying weapons all over the western hemisphere, your agency needs your help.   This game is complete mouse interaction.  You will need a little brain power to find and decipher clues, how to open certain doors and passageways and more.  You can find this game on

The Goat in the Grey Fedora

In The Goat in the Grey Fedora, you are a goofball detective named Nick Bounty.  A pretty lady walks in and tells you a story about her late uncle, a missing goat statue, and the possible murder of her uncle’s lawyer. Your job is to explore different districts, search for clues, and solve the mystery of the goat statue and the deceased lawyer.  The games is mostly mouse interaction.  Use your with to steer conversations in your favor, find and decipher clues, and ultimately solve the case. You can find this game on

Arcane Online Mystery Series

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This series is a mouse interactive gameplay.  You are a detective solving murder and supernatural mysteries.  Use your with and skills to find and decipher audio and visual clues, talk to witnesses and suspects, and solve the mystery.  In this game, you have the option of a regular game or a timed one.   In a timed game you must be careful of what you click, since the more you click on the screen, the faster your time runs out. So be careful of where and what you search and who you talk to.  You can find this game on


In this game you are a detective named spindle.  Unlike most of the other detective game this has more action than talking and solving clues. To solve your case and get where you need to go, you must fight and kill the thugs in your way.  For detectives looking for a little more action in their game play, you will definitely like this game.  The fighting sequences could be a little better.  Just a tip when shooting or punching, you want to get as close as possible.  Like in the opponents face close or you won’t be able to properly attack.  The thugs move around a lot so keep up and don’t die. You can find this game on

Detective Grimore

In Detective Grimore, you have to search and use your thinking skills on how clues and evidence connect.  You must talk to witnesses and gain as many answers as possible.  You will meet many different personalities, so don’t say the wrong thing!  You can find this game on


 A Matter of Caos

In a Matter of Caos, you are working with interesting characters, including yourself.  You are squid, who is also a detective named Mr. Gilbert in Mavropolis.  Matter of Caos has a series of episodes that involves the same case but seems to be leading to something deeper and more dangerous than expected.

The games is mouse interactive, so make sure you say the right things to find the right answers.  Also collect as many tools and evidence as possible that can help you solve the case.  You can find this game on

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