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Top 6 Puzzle and Logic Games

Puzzle and logic games are the best way to keep you mind in shape.  If you want games that will help exercise your brain, or at least help you pass the time, here are the top six puzzle flash games that can be found on the World Wide Web.

Puzzle Freak

Puzzle Freak gives puzzle lovers hours of entertainment. You pick your avatar, and you can choose to play against other people (who are in the room with you) or the computer. Games is fashioned in monopoly form, but instead of gaining streets, avenues, and boulevards, you gain IQ points by completing timed puzzle games during each term.  You will have puzzle pieces games, rearrange the picture, rule games and more. The player with the highest IQ points wins.


Riddle School 3

Riddle School 3 is an interactive flash game, where your goal is to get the main character, Phil out of school.  You will have to bypass teachers and counselors, do some smooth talk, and make tools out of everyday items like rulers and gum.  The game will make you think outside of the box in order to achieve your goal.

Totem Destroyer

If you are looking for a game with some nostalgia, then you may like Totem Destroyer.  Totem Destroyer has a Jenga-like format.  The goal of the games is destroy the totem without letting the idol statue fall.  The game will give you a hint of how many blocks you need to destroy, and you must decide which blocks to destroy and in what order.  Sounds easy, but you are given a twist with the types of blocks you are going to be working with.  You have blocks you are able to destroy, blocks you are able to destroy but are wobbly, and blocks that are indestructible.  There are over twenty stages to games, and the totems get bigger and harder to maneuver and destroy.

Automaton Series

In the automation series, you are Automaton Mk 4.  You were created by a scientist named Hubert Crumpet as a weapon of war.  Your job in the game is to save the world from disease and potential war.   To navigate and win the game, you will solve puzzles to escape rooms, reach destinations, and complete missions.  The Automaton series backstory and game play is highly intriguing.  You will not want to stop playing to reach the end.  As of now there are two parts to the series.


Exmortis Series

In this game, humanity is experiencing one of the most aggressive and dangerous plagues it has ever faced.  Your enemy is the ancient evil of Exmortis.  You navigate through the game by helping your character find ways to travel, out run the Exmortis, and find clues on how to stop the Exmortis and save mankind. The pictures and sounds will give you the experience of being in a horror film or documentary.  It’s very easy to get lost in the game and play for hours.

If you want the full haunting experience, turn off or dim the lights and raise your volume.  The cool thing about this games is that the sounds and pictures used were recorded and taken at real life haunted sites.


An oldie but a goodie, Tetris is a classic game that never gets old.  As you play the game, you will feel the familiar rush of stacking the blocks just right, and trying to clear the board before it feels up.

You can find these fun puzzle games and more at  To discover other flash game list, continue to browse the site.

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