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Top 7 Food/Restaurant Flash Games

If its food games you crave, here are the top 7 food/ restaurant flash games.

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

Diner Dash is a fun food strategy games that assimilates restaurant life. In this game, you will help Flo and her grandmother save various restaurants around town from closing.  You will serve as many happy customers as possible, upgrade the restaurants with profits, and turn it into a five star dining experience.  You will deal with all types of restaurant figures, such as teenage girls, slow old men, hungry men, celebrities, short-tempered business women and more.  Diner Dash: Hometown Hero is highly entertaining game.  Many people can remember when Diner Dash first came out, and they will tell you they played for hours.  This game is no different.  Staying true to its roots, this series will continue to remain an online favorite.

Burger Restaurant

In Burger Restaurant you are striving to complete all of your customers’ orders in timely fashion and have them leave happy.  In this gamey will have to multitask in making milkshakes, cooking the burgers and the fries.  Although the graphics are pretty basic, the overall game is fun.  You will feel an immense amount of pressure to complete the order on time and leave the customers happy.



In Quick Burger

Your customers are ready to grab their burger and leave.  Once they have ordered their food, quickly cook their burgers to perfection and build them according to their preference.  The more correct orders you produce in a timely manner, the more money you earn.  This game seems pretty straight forward and does require a little amount of multitasking like the other food games.  The real pressure comes in when your line gets long and the orders start to come in fast.


Inspired by the Disney movie Ratatouille, you are a waiter in a popular fine dining restaurant.  You have to seat the guest and serve them as quickly as possible.  You have to earn as much money as possible before time runs out and the clock runs very fast.  You must make a certain amount of money if you want to get to the next level.  The first level is pretty fast, so imagine how fast the more advanced levels are!


In this game, you have to serve as many dosas as possible.  Your goal is to keep customers happy, so they won’t leave your business.  In order to move on to the next day, you can’t lose five customers.  The better your service, the busier your business will be.  Make sure to pay attention to the patience meter!

Mom Mania

In Mom Mania, your kids and their friends are the customers.  They are home for lunch and are very hungry.  Serve the items they requested as quickly as possible and get them back to school. If your kid gets to hungry, they become monsters.  If you have too many monsters at the table, then you lose the game.

Cake Factory


In Cake Factory, you are a bake with numerous amounts of cake orders.  Your job is to fulfill these orders without time running out.  You need to be efficient and fast, since the machine moves fast itself.

This game is very fun to play and try to beat.  It is highly colorful, which you would expect from a pastry game.  The only downfall is that everything is in Japanese, but you will be able to figure the mechanics of it without needed the game in English.

These food games can be found on  To discover more games, check out our other flash game articles.


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