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Top 8 Adventure Flash Games on the Net

If the life of an adventurer is calling you, here are eight adventure games to quench your thirst for travel.  From nostalgic to dark and twisty, we found plenty of games to keep you entertained.

Jack Smith

In Jack Smith you are a blacksmith with a mission of building weapons for pig warriors.  To build these weapons you have to play mini games to pour the bronze, hammer the edges, and mold the hilt.  Watch the battle play out and collect items that the enemy drops, such as blue prints, gems, and other items.  Make sure you perform well in the mini games.  The better you perform, the better your weapons are, and the pig army has a better chance of winning.  Games do get harder as you go along, so stay sharp.

Super Mario 63

For those looking for a little nostalgia, there is super Mario 63.  In this games you are on a mission to rescue the Princess Peach.  You can perform the same actions as the actual Mario game, such as sprinting, triple jumping, and going underground.  You will have many tools from other games to utilize, such as the water jetpack from Super Mario Sunshine.


Rogue Soul

In Rogue Soul you are a ninja named Rogue Soul.  You are the city’s most prized thief, until Borin Hood encroaches on your territory.  To become the greatest thief, you have to prove it by running through the city, fighting militia, and enhance your ninja skills.

Super House of Dead Ninjas

In Super House of Dead Ninjas you have to descend a 350 level foot tower.  This is a timed game.  There is one timer for the appearance of the Grim Reaper, and there is another timer for tracking your rage progress.  Eventually there will be a final battle, where you have to defeat the beast located in the basement.

Age of War

In Age of War, you will advance through time fight different wars to save your base.  You will start at caveman times, protecting your home from other tribes and dinosaurs.   You will eventually reach the modern area where you have to protect your base from the enemy’s fly tanks and artillery guns.  You gain money and experience during your battles, which you will use to increase your weaponry and troops and advance your base.


Gretel and Hansel

For those you who like fairy tales with a dark side, you will like this game.  The reason the game is called Gretel and Hansel is because Gretel is the star of the show, while Hansel is almost a waste of space.  After learning that her parents want to get rid of her and her siblings, Gretel must try to escape with her brother.  There is a part two to this game that’s even darker.


In this game, you survive a spaceship crash which lands you on a hostile alien planet.  There are a series of puzzle games for you to solve.  The game also uses a point and click format to help you get off the planet.

The Trader of Stories: Bell’s Heart

In this game you are the Trade of Stories also known a Myosotis.  You buy stories from around the world and eventually come across a broken wagon wheel.  Now, you must solve a series of puzzles and talk with the townspeople to piece together the story you found.

If you are interested in other genres of flash games, continue to browse our site for the best of ninja, puzzle, mystery flash games and more.

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