Essential Kitchen Safety Tips to Apply

Essential Kitchen Safety Tips to Apply

In most Australian homes, kitchens are the most used spaces every day. The fact that our homes are filled with electrical appliances such as wall ovens or even benchtop ovens, they have the potential to start fires or get electric shocks. As much as these equipment are present in our houses to make our lives much more straightforward, they can quickly turn to the most dangerous items if safety measures are not met.

Knowing your potential hazards can help keep you and your family safe. There are some common kitchen appliance dangers to be aware of, such as frayed cords. The electric cables in your small washing machine and your 45cm dishwasher contain live wire and neural wires securely insulated. The insulation prevents direct contact with flammable material, water, or your hands; therefore, a frayed cord leaves the wires open and you vulnerable to electrocution.

Poor maintenance of kitchen equipment leads to fires. Items such as gas cooktops, combination oven microwave need to be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up, which could ignite a fire. Besides cleaning spilled food and oily patches, clear dust with a robot vacuum cleaner especially behind freezers to avoid sparking fire. Also, do not ignore any minor issues with your integrated fridges Australia or your best washing machine; poor maintenance already creates danger.

Water is also a conductor of electricity; hence, it is necessary to keep all kitchen equipment away from water. Do not touch any appliances with wet hands or while standing in or near water. Therefore, employ safety tips such as wearing protective shoes when cooking, drying off floors, wiping your hands before handling your best washing machine and using a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in case an electrical fire starts at home.

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